Lovin Kanye’s Fantasy

I really wanted to wait until the real album dropped in stores to listen to this masterpiece but I have to admit I caved and downloaded a clean leak about a week and a half before the final product could be purchased (in the end I paid $3.99 for it on Amazon in mp3 form the day it came out, Nov 22 and you know I’ll be grabbin it in vinyl when that comes out right before Christmas). I had to hear what Kanye created for us, each of his albums has been so solid as a whole, each in it’s own way. From pure hip hop, to electro-infused rhymes, to the salute to autotune, 808s and Heartbreak, he will always put together a product worthy of my constant-listening in the weeks and months following it’s release. What made me most excited about this particular album was the roller coaster of events that occurred in the almost exactly two years since his last release as well as the plethora of promo such as the video and all the G.O.O.D. Friday drops.

The first song, Dark Fantasy, starts out with Nicki Minaj talking in one of her invented voices leading up to a killer beat and I love every bit of it. Other songs that are particular favorites are All the Lights and the bonus track See Me Now, besides the obvious favorites that became instantly hot as G.O.O.D. Friday tracks.

Definitely pick up this album.

Also stumbled on a sweet collection of songs used in samples on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I love DJing samples, always blows people’s minds. Head over to Fake Shore Drive to pick that up.

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