Snow Beach

The DC homies Nacey and Steve Starks headed up to NYC to play the epic Flashing Lights party this past Friday and put together a great mix of tunes they’re feeling right now for the occasion. Mostly heavy house music, this is a great pump-me-up mix. Check out the Snow Beach mix at this link.

Most people have no idea what “Snow Beach” even means but knowing these dudes so well, it’s obviously a homage to Polo. Yes, the Ralph Lauren brand that has been churning out amazing clothing for decades. Nacey and Starks are both huge Polo heads, along with the rest of the music industry. Check out the Polo & Hip Hop history piece XXL magazine put together recently explaining the long-running relationship. Peep Raekwon sporting the Snow Beach pullover in Wu Tang’s Can It Be All So Simple video back in 1994 below.

Funny to read pt. 2 of the history too, some of the older cats are really hatin on the new dudes in the game ha. I’m personally a huge fan of the rugby shirts.

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