Blastercase’s “Forward” Mix

It’s all about being the first. Being the one who discovers it or creates it before anyone else has gone there. The great Baltimore homie Blastercase was thinking of artists who are doing just that while creating his most recent mix, Forward. It features current producers who are blazing the way with whatever particular style they have discovered recently, while others have yet to. I really enjoyed this mix and the crazy aural adventure it takes you on. Listen with good headphones or speakers or you are cheating yourself. Also most likely awesome on a roadtrip. Thanks for the mix, Dan!

Download here: Blastercase – Forward : a mix

Peep the forward-thinking tracklist after the jump.

Ricardo Galindo & Juliana Alana – ” Shot More Energy”
Niko Tune vs. Supernoise – “Paso Doble”
Daniel Klauser – “Kunene”
Emperatron – “King Riddim”
Jamtech Foundation – “Grudge” feat. Capleton
Damian Marley – “Welcome to Jamrock” (Savoy Remix)
Jonsi – “Around Us” (Wes Beanz Remix)
Munchi – “Hope”
Audit, Neighbor, Spiltmilk – “Get With This” (Audited Beats Remix)
Terror Tone – “Frog Stomp” (Gooffee Remix)
Justin Martin, Ardalan – “Mr. Spock” (Original Mix)
Loko – “Xexi Luv” (Original Club Mix)
Kingdom – “Remember” feat. Tiombe Lockhart
Breakage, Zarif – “Over” (Original Mix)
MJ Cole – “Gotta Have It” feat. Digga (Micky Slim’s Love The Twist Remix)
Steve Starks – “Get Em” (Zombies For Money Remix)
Uncle Jesse – “Sheen”
Blazo – “Introducing”

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