Video Sunday Vol IV

Wow I’ve managed to do four consecutive Video Sunday posts. This is a good milestone and now maybe I can encourage myself to post more regularly and diversify my topics among my many interests. Ehhh…probably won’t happen but I can hope, right? No really, I’m working on it. I’ve been encouraged to start doing random posts on little facts about me like my killer horseback riding skills or obsession with seafood sustainability. I’ll work on that. Now to the videos…

Been loving the new tunes coming out lately from the first “big” British rapper, The Streets. Check out this amazing remix he did of “Revolving” by Spark. Really well done, fast-paced video that just abouith this t every blog is posting.

Moar grime with this exciting, loud video from Lethal Bizzle and crew featuring an awesome mini crime movie. This 2011 version of “Pow” includes pretty much every other Brit grime heavyweight: JME, Wiley, Chipmunk, Face, & Kano.

I found this video on homie Lenin’s Tomb’s blog, Synergizing Backwards Overflow and love how it shows the true instrumentation used in power-group Magnetic Man‘s production. Those cellos are fierce and it’s great to see the true passion from vocalist Emeli Sande performing their song “I Need Air”.

This video is dedicated to Carly from Columbus Cafe who was bartending while I DJed last night in their basement VIP lounge. She requested this hyphy anthem toward the end of the night and of course I was happy to play 1992’s “Don’t Gimme No Bammer Weed” by the now defunct RBL Posse. Puts a smile on your face, great chillin tune.

I love the production of this video, the night scenes with bright lights in the background as well as the palm tree covered sunset view. Rapper Kokayi’s debut music video for “RoxTar” featuring the Rock-afire Explosion in animal costumes backing him up with a killer rock and roll beat.

Catch you next Sunday.

About djlilelle

DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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