Video Sunday Vol. V

As with most Sundays, I’m hungover. Gonna keep this short. Remember to follow all of my random photo, video, & whatever else ramblings throughout the week on my Tumblr.

The original track “C’mon” by super producers Diplo and Tiesto (yowza!) gets the addition it needs to really kill it in the clubs with raps from one of the fastest tongues around, Busta Rhymes.

A No Limit Records throwback I’ve been rockin getting into the mood for my return to DC next weekend to DJ my long-running 90s hip hop party, KIDS with the homies Nacey, Steve Starks, & Jackie O. Young Bleed always has that smooth flow and of course it’s gonna be on a great beat from No Limit.

The last rock band I’ve liked this much was the White Stripes since it’s so hard to find true rock and roll bands anymore. Throwing another color into the mix, The Black Keys definitely know how to rock and kill it on this SNL performance from a few weeks ago. Great sound from truly talented musicians.

Remember when Saigon was on Entourage? Yeah, that was funny. Still waiting for him to put out an actual studio album but he seems to have not given up the dream. I’m sure you East Coasters feel the sentiment when he’s singing “It’s Cold”.

Warm it up a bit with this feel-good, sunny “Sweet Jamaica” video from Mr. Vegas with help from Shaggy (lol wut) and dancehall legend Josey Wales. I’d do just about anything to be there right now.

See ya next week for a special Super Bowl edition of Video Sunday.

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DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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