Video Sunday Vol VI

Yeah, yeah, I’m a few days late but I’m still gonna call it “Video Sunday” since I have decent excuses. Going back to DC last weekend to DJ our 2+ years running party KIDS to probably our biggest night ever (thank you weekend event writeups from both Washington Post and City Paper), afterpartying for an hour, and hopping right on a plane to make it back to SF for the Super Bowl totally did me in for a couple days, especially since I hadn’t slept right or been on the internets since my redeye on Thursday night. Wah, wah, I know. I gotta get more used to this jetsetter life I’m supposedly living.

Without further ado, a ton of dope videos with good music and production and little rambled reasons why I dig them. Video Sunday.

Run Tingz Recordings – Informer

Straight British grime from Run Tingz Recordings with a pretty HD video starring Brit soapstar faves, Pat and Peggy from EastEnders.

Juelz Santana – HomeRun ft. Lil’ Wayne

Mad video hoes, bling, killer cribs, and two of my favorite rappers from 2007, Juelz Santana and Lil’ Wayne. Too bad Juelz got locked up last week on those drug and weapons charges.

Snoop Dogg – El Lay ft. Marty James

Man, a lot of hip hop. Vocalist Marty James brings a catchy hook while Snoop‘s video shows the sights and lights of the great city of Los Angeles. Kinda corny but feel-good.

Blaqstarr – The Artist

A little profile on Baltimore’s Blaqstarr (the artist as opposed to the DJ even though it’s the same person). Cool illustrations and a nice peek at his thoughts and life nowadays in LA.

LCMDF – Future Me

Getting off the hip hop for a second. LCMDF, the Helsinki-based female duo, put together a great video on some poppy, smooth flowing vocals with beautiful outdoor scenes on a funky camera filter.

Brain Drain with Dillon Francis

Damn the Richmond, VA party-throwing Audio Ammo not only knows how to throw a massive rager, they also know how to correctly make an awesome party video and do so here after their recent event with great new producer/DJ Dillon Francis.

Enjoy and catch you next week on time.

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DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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