Video Sunday Vol. VIII

Happy President’s Day and George Washington’s birthday and all of that. Another post a day late but these Sundays have been filling up so I’m doing my best. Also, I see “day of the week” posts up late on a ton of other blogs so really as long as I’m doing it, I’m not really concerned. Lots and lots of cool videos came my way this week so get ready for some real laughs, education, and true bangers.

First we have a short video showing just one minute of how crazy things are getting in the Middle East right now. I’m watching Al Jazeera right now and am in disbelief. I wish the safest outcome possible however peace isn’t looking likely at the moment. It’s impossible to ignore all the violence. Crazy and sad.

That said, time to get to videos on a lighter note. Check out this killer trailer for the snowboarding video Art of Flight starring Travis Rice and many more, with help from Red Bull USA. Spectacular views, unbelievable snowboarding, and firsthand rescue missions make this film a must-watch. Props to Brain Farm Cinema on the production.

A cute and fun cartoon music video and bouncy song by music project Happy Camper and their song Born With a Bothered Mind ft. Bouke Zoete.

The Gossip‘s frontwoman Beth Ditto released a video for her first single off her upcoming EP, I Wrote the Book. She has a great voice and this black and white artsy video is a fun watch.

This short video explains itself. Cooking with Snoop of course involves the addition of “oregano.” ha!

Jamie Woon is definitely one of my favorite newer artists and the perfect sound for a chilled out vibe. This is a simple video of him singing his beautiful song Lady Luck while canoeing around a swamp.

A great graffiti video from video magazine Beats & Drips I found on my homie Project Matt’s Tumblr of artist BABOU tagging everything in sight with a dubbed out background tune from Waswhite.

This video is a shoutout to my girl SENA who designs and makes amazing clothing in NYC. A beautiful view of her 2010 Lookbook shoot with music by Blackbird Blackbird. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before but always great to see her work.

The house song I’ve Had Friends by Morgan Page ft. Jan Burton has a great video showing sound check then the trip to the club to dj for the night and the subsequent party that pops off later in the night with some great shots of the city of LA.

Probably my favorite song off of Kanye‘s recent album, the video for All of the Lights is an adventure in trippy, bright fonts after a melancholy intro with black and white scenes from NYC.

I love videos that give you a true insight into a star’s personality and possible sense of humor. Director Robert Rodriguez made an epic video with Kobe Bryant as The Black Mamba.

Catch you next week!

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DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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