Video Sunday Vol. IX

Another Monday, another Video Sunday lol. Last night we went to an epic Oscars party at the house of hostess-with-the-mostess LizSF (also host of my happy hour event on Thursday!) where there were two types of fondue, many other munchies, wine of all kinds, and at one point 20 people squeezed into a living room which I’m pretty sure was over capacity at around 12. It was fun watching with such a big group though, catching everyone’s individual commentary, and we were glad to meet so many new friends and see others for the first time in a while. Plus, the warmth has finally returned to SF and we can wear shorts during the daytime again…almost. Ok on to the videos.

House producer Fex Fellini has an amazing new video out for his song New Orleans which shows a montage of parade scenes, bands, and mirrored images of the wonderful city. Fun to see the band leaders dancing to a house beat but it looks like a ton of fun.

Montreal’s Lunice put this video together to promote Red Bull Music Academy‘s Destination Tokyo! tour including a slew of other Canadian artists. One of four other teaser videos, this one was my favorite because of his great energy dancing behind the tables (you just gotta!) and use of a recent hip hop sample that’s so good, a few years later it’s still stuck in everyone’s heads.

I’m not really a Lakers fan but I do enjoy my sports and sometimes end up cheering them on in the finals. This DJ Skee adaptation of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” into an LA ode, “Purp and Yellow” takes off with the help of Wiz along with one of my favorite rappers, the Game, Snoop Dogg, and the SKEETOX band. Catch the players throughout the video and love the smooth flow these dudes spit. Now go Knicks!

A few years ago I chilled with Mz. Bratt on a trip to the states with Chase & Status which ended in a crazy but fun night in Silver Spring, MD. I’m really excited to see her blowing up over seas and on her way to the states with a great flow and solid production. Lovin this “Get Dark” tune.

I love these southern rap videos. It’s like they let the whole hood know and everyone comes out in full force creating pretty much a lively crowd scene which really adds to the pumped-up mood. This one plays like they’re all being watched by the feds and avoiding the law but then they’re having a huge party in all levels of an apartment complex, eventually ending up at a car show of sorts. Only DJ Khaled could bring the lineup of Rick Ross, Plies, T-Pain, and Lil’ Wayne together for such an epic video. CMYMB!

Enjoy the tunes 😉

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