Video Sunday Vol. XII

Spring is on it’s way!

Mobroder is a bit of a mystery at the moment but collaborators Blu Jemz, HOFF, and Spank Rock have never disappointed before. Imagine Miami in the 80s and you’ll understand. This is just the start with “Rush (Nile Delta Remix)”, can’t wait to see what else is coming especially with this cast of characters: Amanda Blank, Maluca, Hussle Club, Da Hardy Boys, Gumshoe, Eli Escobar, Posso, and Roxy Cottontail.

Gotta love the new Lil’ B video for his track “Illusions of Grandeur” featuring the beautiful voice of Imogen Heap. Makes me wonder if he knows it’s really “delusions of grandeur.”

Jamie King (doesn’t he know that’s the least Google-able name ever?) gets grime king Sway on “This is the Life,” a house track featuring a pretty rad split-screen video. This song should be hot for the summertime.

Pretty sick song produced by Kraddy showcasing the talents of the Thrasher team in SF’s Double Rock skate park.

One of my favorite artists of last year and to watch for this year Aloe Blacc put out a video for his classic-sounding song, “Loving You Is Killing Me.” Gotta love watching a lil’ talented kid breakdance!

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DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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