BYT, Blogging, and Books

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while is start a separate page on this site to include blog posts I’ve written that have been posted on other, often larger blogs. I’m currently writing about music for SF Station but while in DC spent time as a food and drink blogger for megasite Brightest Young Things, a clique I got into through DJing.

Last spring BYT had the idea of a food month where we showcase the contents of certain DC locals’ fridges. I started off with a look into vegan and vegetarian activist Amber McDonald’s fridge and learned a lot about tasty veggie treats as well as local CSAs. My second fridge assignment got me a bit more excited as I was to inventory the fridge of Washington Post Food editor Joe Yonan, someone whose work I had followed for years.

After getting over my initial starstruck feelings thanks to Joe’s friendly attitude I learned that he was in the middle of writing a cookbook on cooking for yourself, one person. This was a great idea and something I could definitely relate to as I love cooking but spent my single years only eating Lean Cuisine because I didn’t want to waste the food or bother with groceries going bad. Upon opening Joe’s fridge and freezer and beginning to jot down notes I realized what his recipe making entailed; the fridge was full of concoctions and potions of all kinds, unlabeled, requiring Joe’s taste to correctly identify the contents within. There were a lot of them and it took me over two hours to go through Joe’s fridge with him.

Fast forward a little under a year and Joe is traveling the country on his book tour, supporting his project Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One.

I received a Tweet yesterday from my friend Alex who was editor of the BYT food and drink blog when I wrote for it and has since moved to the Boston area for a great new job. She was at the book signing and opened up the book to the first page of the first chapter and Joe actually starts the book off by mentioning my trip to inventory his fridge for BYT. I checked out Amazon who often gives previews of the beginning of books and – lo and behold – they included that page in their preview.

Pretty cool. Thanks for the mention, Joe! Definitely pick up a copy of the book, it’s full of great recipes for not just singles but also couples or even families.

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