May 2011 ‘101 South’ Mix

I’d say the two biggest factors inspiring me to make mixes or, eventually, remixes are friends and traveling. My friends themselves make amazing music and I’m always eager to hear the new tunes they’ve delivered to my inbox or hear their opinion on the new stuff creeping into my ipod on the daily.  Traveling gives me a new outlook on things, allows me to think outside of whatever little box I’m living in at that moment, and stretch my musical interests to new levels.

That said, this mix is the product of two things. One, a visit to the Bay Area in early May by DJ extraordinaire, record label honcho, bringer of great vibes, and someone who is always encouraging as a female DJ herself, my girl Jubilee (check out my interview with her for SF Station). She actually insisted I put more work in on the house and electronic music tip and totally planted the seed for this mix.

The second is a trip we took back in April to San Diego to welcome friends home from a 6-month adventure in South and Central America. The combo of laying on the beach, the California sunshine, and actual warm temperatures compared to SF’s frigidness really helped me get in the right mood to listen to this music.

So the mix is called ‘101 South’ because I listened to it a lot cruising that stretch of highway south of SF and that’s what we originally hit on our trip south to SD. It also contains songs from a lot of DC friends including Nadastrom, Tittsworth, and Starks and Nacey.

Great mix for a pick-me-up or to get your productive juices flowing and get some work done, or of course for cruising the CA highways in this beautiful sunshine. Got a lil’ bit of moombahton, some funky house, some hip house, some vintage sounding house remixes, some hip hop, some dubstep, some pop…a little of everything for every one.

Download the mp3 from Mediafire here.
Stream the track or download from my MixCloud here.

Tracklist after the jump.

DJ Lil’ Elle
May 2011
‘101 South’ Mix

1 Alex Clare – Too Close (Nadastrom Moombahton Remix)
2 Adam Kesher – Hundred Years Later (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)
3 Pixie Lott – Mama Lo (Linus Loves Remix)
4 Tittsworth – Almond Joy (Bit Thief Remix)
5 Them Jeans – Balloons (Adam Tensta Remix)
6 Afrojack & the Partysquad – Amsterdam (Original Mix)
7 Starks & Nacey & Get High – The Flip
8 Rico Bernasconi vs Vava Con Dios – Nah Neh Nah
9 Over the Top – Indian Burn
10 Mia y Matias – Abracadabra (Corvin Baez 2010 Remix)
11 Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You (Original Mix)
12 Homework – I Got One (You’re It)
13 Rampage & Nader – I Gave You Love
14 Groove Armada – Superstylin’ (Ant Brooks Re-edit)
15 Brenmar – Taking It Down
16 Trina & Mr. Collipark – Red Bottoms
17 Chris Brown – Look at Me Now (Bass Remix) ft. Busta Rhymes
18 The Cararacs – Bass Down Low ft. Dev (Proper Villains Remix)
19 MIA – Steppin’ Up (Nacey Remix)
20 Robyn – Dancehall Queen ft. Name Brand (Dillan Francis Remix)
21 Gucci Mane – Remember When ft. Ray J (Terror Danjah Remix)
22 Lil’ Troy – Wanna Be a Baller (Doc Adams Intro Edit)

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3 Responses to May 2011 ‘101 South’ Mix

  1. Just joined WordPress and I don’t know how but I stumbled on your blog… I am now listening the 4th track on ‘101 South” and I must say I love it!!! If you’re ever all the way down South In MIA I’d love to listen to your work live!

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  3. Ben Metter says:

    get high likes this mix.

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