DJing Thurs at Showdown – Summer Vibes

I been gone for a minute now I’m back at the Jump Off” – Lil’ Kim

Sorry for a bit of an absence, I’ve been out adventuring and whatnot. Planning moves. Doing big tings. Will be more attentive in the future, promise. 😉

Wanted to give a reminder that I’ll be DJing happy hour at Showdown (10 6th St., at 6th & Market in SF) on Thursday night from 6-10pm with $3 drinks and solid summer vibes pumping from the speakers. There will be friendly crew in attendance so come out, mingle, meet each other, listen to good tunes, and be merry. Also – i think Showdown just started some alcoholic slushie drinks for “summer” so they’re gonna be tasty too!

This is the summer jam and will definitely get played, among many other styles of music.


About djlilelle

DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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1 Response to DJing Thurs at Showdown – Summer Vibes

  1. Oooh, I wish I could stop by! I’m going to a dinner tomorrow night. Are you spinning Friday?

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