Lots of Writing, Kreayshawn, and my First Rap Song

Lately I’ve been staying busy working out my creative muscles doing a variety of writing on topics ranging from the environment and science, food and drink, advice columns, pop culture, and most often music. I had a blast recently covering the 3-day music/arts/food/wine festival Outside Lands located in the picturesque Golden Gate Park and did a great interview with local pop favorites The Limousines.

Since I cover electronic and hip hop music for local scene blog SF Station Pulse, I’ve been following this Kreayshawn phenomenon. Don’t know her story? Check out my post on her first video release, my review of her first ever live performance at SOM in May, or my recent review of her homecoming show at Slim’s this past week. Hell, my government name is even on her Wikipedia page. No clue who added it but thanks…sorta?

With everyone and their brother doing a freestyle of her popular “Gucci Gucci” I thought about throwing my hat in the ring. Never having recorded or produced a song before, I was a bit apprehensive but while spending countless hours on Turntable.fm, Tsaritsa mentioned she might be interested in joining in. We wrote verses and a hook, got together, recorded and produced, and have a fun song as a result. Yes, it’s two white girls rapping but you gotta admit, it’s not bad. Tsaritsa is on verse 1 and I’m on verse 2 under my rapper alter ego Elle da 5’2”.

What do you think? Leave feedback, I can take it and would really appreciate an honest opinion. Thinking about putting some mini songs together and an EP on my own. Have some beats I really wanna flow over so we’ll see what my trip to San Diego next weekend brings with the songwriting.

About djlilelle

DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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3 Responses to Lots of Writing, Kreayshawn, and my First Rap Song

  1. Love the verse! You’re like a white Pharrell!

  2. djlilelle says:

    That’s awesome Adam, really appreciate the comparison. I’ve always been a fan of P and his intelligent, complex rhymes over the most amazing beats in the industry.

  3. Charlotte says:

    sounds great! i love Kreayshawn, you should definitely check out this live performance of Gucci Gucci http://www.youtube.com/kreayshawn#p/a/u/0/v59nBL8hLfc

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