On the Morning of Friday, December 2 a brand new 2012 Chevy Sonic was delivered to my house on Haight St and I could do anything I wanted within reason until Monday morning. Best part – they called me the night before to ask if I had a preference between automatic and manual. Despite the hills in this city, of course I went for manual. No strings attached, really.

I captured the weekend on video and used the EarthMoonEarth remix of Phoenix’s “Fences” as a soundtrack. Between driving friends to work and later a DJ gig on Friday, it was time to be the DD for a wine adventure on Saturday morning. We left town by the Bay Bridge into Oakland and Berkeley, over the bridge and toll to San Rafael, then Napa, Sonoma and back to SF over the Golden Gate Bridge that night. Sunday evening we watched the sun set over the city from Twin Peaks, a great end to the weekend of exploring. There’s also a little bit of me DJing and a flyer in our hood with my name for a moombahton show at Public Works last month.

I’m adding more video to my portfolio. Let’s link up if your company, brand or website needs footage and writing content, especially for musicians at upcoming music festivals – SXSW, WMC, Coachella and more.

Enjoy the ride & follow on Twitter @djlilelle.

About djlilelle

DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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