I Thought Last Weekend Was Busy

Just when you think you’ve worked a crazy busy weekend and won’t have another like that for a while, the next one works you just as hard.

Last weekend marked the St. Patrick’s Day and NCAA March Madness weekend party extravaganza. I started spinning tunes on Thursday as part of my normal Comet Club gig in the Marina (catch me there every Thursday from 10:30pm on) and Friday opened for DJ Vin Sol at Milk Bar in the Haight.

Saturday brought the true madness and when I arrived at Comet Club around 4pm to play a daytime set, the line to get in was already down the block. I kicked it into high gear and played hip hop bangers and dance hits for four hours in the midst of the green-colored craziness. The staff was hella appreciative and even ended up breaking numerous records during the time I was DJing, pretty good for an over 100 year old bar. They wanted me to stay past my cut off time of 8pm but it was time to head to the next gig at Danny Coyles.

The only way to DJ a proper Irish pub on a Saturday St. Patrick’s Day is to do it three doors down from your house and that is what I did. No hellacious cab experience at the end of that night for me, we just carried the equipment over, set up fast and I was blasting Irish tunes and other rock music by 9pm. The crowd definitely loved the vibe and the bar stayed packed past the time I unplugged around 1:45am. The staff was happy and I was glad to have successfully rocked it out at two bars on that crazy party day for a total of over 9 hours of DJing.

Fast forward to this weekend and we’re doing it big again. Thursday starts early at the Lomography Gallery Store in Union Square where SF Station is helping present Get Hungry! – an event bringing together food and photography. I will be providing the tunes and have been told to play whatever I’d like so expect indie pop and rock with favorites sprinkled in. There’s also a chance to win some free meals with this Foodie IQ quiz, guessing local SF restaurants by clues and photos of dishes. I could only get two myself but I’m sure others know a lot more than that. After that I’m in a cab and off to spin tunes at Comet Club for the typical Thursday night routine till 2am.

This Saturday I’m headed to Sonoma where I’ll be working with Dreamers & Heroes Weddings and Events as well as the Sonoma Valley Visitor’s Bureau on their Girlfriends Getaway Weekend 2012. I will be joined by Uzette from Alice 97.3 at The Collection Studio for a party featuring wine, food and great music. Get tickets to one event or the whole weekend, really looking forward to working with some of Sonoma’s best.

Some big events, pretty psyched. Catch you out on the dancefloor or holler at me for bookings at elovelidge@gmail.com.

I’ll be dropping a new mix soon with NY fashion blog Grungy Gentleman so keep an eye out for that!

About djlilelle

DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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