In the meantime…

Wow, dead period for my blog. In all honestly, after my tour last year I took a break from DJing clubs and focused on my day job as well as DJing and MCing private events and especially weddings. I’ve shown up on the tables with friends at clubs here and there – from SF to LA to DC – but am really enjoying some downtime to truly absorb the music I love, not just the stuff I have to play when DJing to an often ferocious crowd.

In the meantime I have been making mixes of all kinds, supporting the music I’m actually rockin’. I’m going to do a quick roundup of the past year of mixes before diving in to up and coming mixes as they spawn. Check it.

Last time you caught me it was Soft and Softness in May 2012. Damn, that was a long time ago.

Time for a recap.

July 2012 I put together the second of my Get Crunk Stay Crunk mixes with pure silly, inappropriate hip hop. The name Get Crunk Stay Crunk came about on a road trip with my girl Bree from DC to Atlanta to New Orleans to Austin to her final destination of Las Cruces, NM the week before Obama’s first Inauguration weekend. Let’s just say it was an unforgettable experience.

In August 2012 I did a Coast 2 Coast mix based on songs I was jammin during my tour. Think indie rock/pop meets poppy RnB plus some Steve Miller Band and other classics.

As the I’ve-always-been-a-part-of trap movement first gained speed last fall I put out Full Time Jawdropper in November 2012 for that serious hip hop meets electronic music feel.

I took a few months off for the holidaze as I typically do but came out with the third volume of Get Crunk Stay Crunk in March 2013. Kendrick had blown up and my love for Bay Area hip hop could not be stronger.

In May 2013, after enjoying warmer weather in the Bay, I put out Splash 2 which was my sort of poolside vibes mix in its second form. Moombahsoul has always warmed my heart and combined with RnB and some smooth indie vibes, this mix is still on constant rotation.

I soon got sick of the redundant, constantly used sounds of trap music and turned to the softer side of hip hop and RnB remixes with my ode to life Vibin mix out in July 2013.

Last but certainly not least is the recent mix I put out with my partner in crime Mathias, sharing inspirational tunes that have moved the two of us in the past few months. Our October 2013 Inspiration mix is a direct view into our thoughts.

What’s next? What do you want? What do I have cooking?

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DC to SF. Love the ocean, puppies, nature, hip hop, social media, photos, and adventures.
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