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Lots of Writing, Kreayshawn, and my First Rap Song

Lately I’ve been staying busy working out my creative muscles doing a variety of writing on topics ranging from the environment and science, food and drink, advice columns, pop culture, and most often music. I had a blast recently covering … Continue reading

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DJing Thurs at Showdown – Summer Vibes

“I been gone for a minute now I’m back at the Jump Off” – Lil’ Kim Sorry for a bit of an absence, I’ve been out adventuring and whatnot. Planning moves. Doing big tings. Will be more attentive in the … Continue reading

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May 2011 ‘101 South’ Mix

I’d say the two biggest factors inspiring me to make mixes or, eventually, remixes are friends and traveling. My friends themselves make amazing music and I’m always eager to hear the new tunes they’ve delivered to my inbox or hear … Continue reading

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Video Sunday Vol. XV

Rusko‘s video for his new single “Everyday” brings together beautiful lyrics with images of California’s dried up and dilapidated Salton Sea community. Nicki Minaj does not wear black and white. This colorful video with Nicki’s smooth, rhythmic lyrics is a … Continue reading

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New DJ Lil’ Elle Mainstream Club Mix

First of all, this is the 200th post of and although most of the beginnings were ramblings on whatever music I was into at the time from various Penn State computer labs, I’ve really been happy with the content … Continue reading

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Video Sunday Vol. XII

Spring is on it’s way! Mobroder is a bit of a mystery at the moment but collaborators Blu Jemz, HOFF, and Spank Rock have never disappointed before. Imagine Miami in the 80s and you’ll understand. This is just the start … Continue reading

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Video Sunday Vol. XI

A Wednesday edition of Video Sunday. Internet was out all last week/wkend so it’s nice to finally be connected again. This great Adidas Is All In video features athletes from all kinds of sports rocking Adidas gear and generally winning. … Continue reading

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